A real story about real life events.

'This uniquely structured and beautifully presented 240 page book traces the evolution of the Australian software package industry, providing older readers with a veritable feast of nostalgia while demonstrating to younger readers that anything is possible.'

  • 'As an IT Journalist for The Australian, I knew John Neller well as one of the first generation of modern Australian IT entrepreneurs, known and respected throughout the industry. His book captures the dynamic early days of computing history and shows that today's entrepreneurs truly are standing on the shoulders of giants.'

    Leila Henderson, Fellow of the New Venture Institute of Flinders University, Tech Entrepreneur

  • 'All Systems Go! tells a long-overdue story. It's a story of resilience, true vision and leadership - qualities that are perhaps even more important in the entrepreneurs of today than they have ever been.'

    Rick Carter, Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University - Australian and Co-Founder, A Blockchain Factory. 

  • 'This very worthwhile book captures some of the rich history of Australian technology invention and development, and the entrepreneurship associated with it. It is an important book because it provides a record of first-hand experiences - successes, pitfalls, and failures from a very personal perspective. These are real stories from real people.'

    Barrie Williams, Software industry veteran.

'I’m sure thousands of people who lived through those times will experience the same heartwarming reminiscence I did. And those newer to the tech scene may discover why things were the way they were, what we have inherited from those decades today and the cycle of life as we all march into the AI, IoT, VR and Blockchain new era.'

- Sonja Bernhardt OAM. 

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